Saturday, 3 April 2010


Very witty jokes always happening at the doctor´s surgery, or at the shrink's.

- Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I am a set of curtains!
- Pull yourself together, man!

- Doctor , doctor, I keep thinking I'm a bell.
- Well, just go home, and if the feeling persist, just give me a ring.

- Doctor, doctor, People tell me I am a wheelbarrow.
- Don't let people push you around.

- Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I am invisible.
- Sorry but I can not see you at the moment.

- Doctor, doctor, no one understands me.
- What do you mean by that?

- Doctor, doctor, Nobody believes a word I say.
- Tell me the truth, what is your real problem?

- Doctor, doctor, I fell like a pack of cards.
- I'll deal with you later.

- Doctor, doctor, people keep telling me I am ugly.
- Lay on the couch, face down.

- Doctor, doctor, I have a ringing in my ear.
- Don't answer.

- Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I am a spoon.
- Sit there and don't stir.
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