Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Advantages of Being a Man

Telephone conversations only last one or two minutes.

If you go on holidays for a week, you only need a piece of luggage.

You don't need to monitor the sexual life of your friends.

Your long no see mates don't care if you put or lost weight.

Hairdressers don't rip you off.

Your bottom is not a factor at job interviews.

You don't need to carry a hadbag full of useless things.

You can go alone to a public bathroom

When somebody criticizes your work, you don't think that everybody hates you.

If a friend forgets to invite you to his house, he is still your friend.

Three pair of shoes are enough

You can eat a banana in a public place without feeling naughty.

Mechanics don't lie to you.

You don't give a damn if someone notices or not your new haircut.

You can watch TV with a friend in silence for a long time, without thinking "He must be upset with me."

Your mood don't change every five minutes.

When you buy condoms, the cashier don't imagine you naked.

And the best of all:
You can fix nearly every problem by saying "Fuck it!"
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