Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to Make a Delinquent out of Your Child in 9 Easy Steps

1. GIVE HIM EVERYTHIN HE WANTS. That way, when he grows up he'll be convinced that the whole world owns him everything.

2. IF HE DOES RUDE AND STUPID THINGS, CELEBRATE IT. Later he will think he's funny and will increase the repertory.

3. NEVER TELL HIM THAT HE IS WRONG. Later, when he makes mistakes, lies or steals, he will be sure that the only one to blame is society that harass him.

4. PICK UP EVERYTHING HE TROWS. That way he will be convinced that everybody must be at his service.

5. LEAVE HIM SEE ALL VIOLENCE HE WANTS. He will asimilate it as somethin normal.

6. GIVE HIM ALL MONEY HE WANTS. He will never think that he has to work to get money.

7. SATISFY ALL HIS WHIMS. He will demand and expect from everybody anything he wants.

8. WHEN HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU. Say you don't have time, you are busy or tired. That way he will look for answers from the wrong sources.

9. LEAVE HIM ALONE AT HOME VERY OFTEN. Later in life he will compensate his loneliness with drugs and alcohol.
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