Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Making a List of Prons and Cons

If you are thinking of elaborating a list of pros and cons, you should know the pros and cons of elaborating such a list.
The pros and cons of pros and cons.


1. You can divide key information into categories for and against, therefore making your decision easier to make based on a positive outcome.

2. It is easier to digest complicated information when all the deciding factors are viewable at the same time.

3. Coparing positive and negative reasons for making a decision encourages debate, which can ultimately lead to the correct, sensible action.

4. Others can help you make your list, bringing to light factors you may not have already taken into account.


1. If there are the same number of pros and cons, it renders the list useless.

2. By the time you have finished making your list, the opportunity to make a decision may have already passed you by.

3. Instincts are nearly always better than reason.

Now you can add your own pros and cons.
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