Saturday, 28 January 2012

Curiosities of Horror Movies

When somebody says "I'll be back", he/she dies a horrific death.

When a killer is in the house and the lights go out for no reason, instead of leaving the house, he/she stumbles through the darkness and says. "Hello?, is anyone there".

In critical situations, any human being can be 2 days without sleeping, eating or drinking, without being noticed physically.

When you have killed the monster and you check to see if he is really dead, he is not.

Match boxes only have one match left.

If you are driving in the middle of the night and your car runs out of petrol, there is always a creepy apparently uninhabitated house nearby.

If there is a locked door that must not be open, sooner or later some idiot is gonna open it.

Blond attractive women are the first to die.

Sceptical people always discover, in a very painful and horrible way, that they were mistaken.

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