Thursday, 23 August 2012

Where Does all Time Go?

Today was yesterday's tomorrow

Today will be tomorrow's yesterday

Yesterday's today was yesterday

Tomorrow's today is tomorrow

Yesterday's day after tomorrow is tomorrow

Tomorrow's day before yesterday was yesterday

The day before yesterday's tomorrow was yesterday

The day after tomorrow's yesterday is tomorrow

The day before yesterday's day after tomorrow

And the day after tomorrow's day before yesterday

Are both today

The day after tomorrow's tomorrow

And the day before yesterday's yesterday

Are both too far away

Todays turn into yesterdays

Tomorrow never comes

I think my tomorrow is today

Or maybe it was yesterday


I'm not sure which is which, anyway

So this is all I have left to say

Don't worry about the future

Don't turn your mind to the past

Just live this moment while it lasts

For far too soon it will also pass

And don't forget

Today's today is today

Where does all the time go?

- A poet
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