Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to escape the Friendzone

If you are a man, follow carefully these steps:

1. Become her closest friend, do everything for her, confort her in the sad moments, make her laugh, etc.

2. When she considers you her best friend, tell her you want to be more than that.

3. If she says yes, problem solved. If she gives you the friend speech, tell her you can't carry on being just her friend.

4. If she still won't be with you, tell her you can't be her friend anymore, and walk away.

5. Don't speak to her, call her, text her for months. Don't be a pussy and crack, because if you do, you will loose her forever.
But, be carefull, don't be a dick either. If she calls, don't pick up. If she texts, don't reply. If you see her in the street, be polite, act aloof, and make any excuse to leave.

6. Give it a couple of months, and she will miss you so much, she will be itching to have you back.
Most importantly, be a man, nothing is less sexual than a cheese guy.

If you are a woman:

1. Show him your tits. That should be enough.

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