Sunday, 11 November 2012

Who Do you Think you Are?

Everybody was waiting for the King, when a peasant walks in and sits on the throne. The prime minister of the Kingdom can believe his eyes:

- Who do you think you are, walking in here that way and sitting on the throne of the king?, do you take yourself for a minister?
- A minister?... No, something more than that.
- You can not be the first minister, because that is me. Maybe you think you are the king?
- No, not the king, something more.
- The emperor?
- No, I'm more than the emperor.
- The prophet?
- No, more...
- Then, you think you are God, or what?
- No, I'm not God, I'm more than God.
- Impossible, there is nobody more than God.
- Exactly, I am nobody.

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